Let us help you grow Financially

Some of the services we provide to our clients.


  • Computerised Accounting system
  • Financial Accounting – outsourcing & long and short term budgeting.
  • Reporting of MIS & Dashboard
  • Business Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Asset Accounting management
  • Review of current MIS & reporting

Company law matters

  • Incorporation of company, LLP
  • Consultancy on Company Law matters.
  • Filing of annual returns various forms & documents
  • Secretarial matters including share register and transfers.
  • Planning for Mergers, Acquisitions, De-mergers
  • Representing Board membership on behalf of client


  • Computation of monthly TDS
  • Monthly reconciliation of TDS due & deposited electronically or manually
  • Issue of monthly or annual TDS certificates
  • Filing of quarterly E-TDS/Manual returns
  • Representation for TDS assessment.

Advice on all matters related to compliance with TDS/TCS provisions.


  • Monthly Salary sheet & slip.
  • Deductions as per applicable laws like Income Tax, ESIC, Provident Fund & Professional Tax.
  • Computation & deposit of TDS, ESI & PF.
  • Disbursement/Online Payment of salary.
  • Pay slip by e-mail.
  • Issue of Form 16 employees.
  • Periodic reconciliation of payments or statutory deductions with books of accounts.

Income Tax

  • Tax planning under Direct Tax.
  • Compilation of Returns, Representation in respect of the matters under the Direct Tax laws.
  • Obtaining No Objection certificates
  • Liaison with Income Tax department for rectification, assessment, obtaining refunds

Goods and services Tax (GST)

  • Advice on classification, valuation, duty liability & input credit eligibility.
  • Review of tax process, compliance & Support.
  • Assistance in tax determination & regular compliance filing.
  • Assistance with obtaining or surrendering registration.

Management Consultancy

Financing is necessary at every stage of a business life cycle. We build detailed forecast models & advises on the ideal & minimum size of funding required for the business, based on multiple sensitivity scenarios. We leverage on its experience in negotiating with all parties involved, to bargain the best deal for its client company & its promoters.

  • Virtual CFO, Virtual Finance Manager
  • Preparations of project report with risk assessment, sensitivity analysis and Best practical approach for successful completion
  • Preparations of CMA data
  • Working Capital/Term Loan/BG
  • Arranging / Recommending best Project Finance funding
  • Arranging Loan against property with lowest loan rate
  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Review of financial and business control and risk and report
  • Risk Assessment of on going project
  • Training and development of staff

Let us help you grow Financially.